Red herring meaning Origin. (Red herring fallacy)

Do you know what a red herring is well there are two possibilities firstly a red herring can be a dried smoked herring that is red fish to eat but in English we often use.

red herring examples.

this phrase a red herring as an idiom we use it to talk about something that distracts from the main issue at hand okay something that takes you in the
wrong direction yeah okay so for example we tried many new arm ways to resolve this problem but all of them were red herrings.

they took us in the wrong direction they made us concentrate on something that wasn’t relevant okay if you like a digression yeah a deviation from the main objective let’s see when I was at school cut and I’m sure when your school classes were pretty boring and if you could get the teacher to talk about a red herring.

definition of a red herring.

that was much more interesting okay so you have the maths teacher talking about the horse racing
or something like that yeah

you get him to divert away from his goal of giving you a mathematics lesson and talking about something else okay a red herring misleads or distracts you from the relevant important issues.

that youlooking at okay um maybe a speaker whenthey are an orator when they are tryingto persuade you to think something they.

fallacy red herring examples.

could use red herrings to make you sink in one way and think that this is evidence for something else but it’s not true okay so a red herring.

a an argument or a an idea or something that distracts from the main issue for example in an Agatha Christie murder mystery there are lots of red herrings

things that have nothing to do with the actual murder yeah okay so they draw you in one way they deceive or confuse you they divert your attention

okay so a red herring I’m sure you’ll be able to remember that phrase anyway if you enjoyed this article.

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